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ProxyEye Driver Fatigue Monitor

ProxyEye Driver Fatigue Monitors are the most advanced units in the global market. With advanced face recognition and patented pupil detection technology, driver fatigue can be predicted and warned immediately.

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ProxyLift EWP Overhead Warning Systems

ProxyLift allows for safe operation of scissor lifts and EWP's by utilising the latest laser systems to reduce the risk of coming into contact with overhead objects. ProxyLift provides a safeguard against head and spine injuries in the workplace whilst maintaining practical work methods.

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ProxyPage Proximity Warning Systems

ProxyPage allows for safety notifications to be forwarded to personnel via messages to the ProxyPage Personal Safety Watch. The ProxyPage system can be interfaced with existing workplace technologies to provide a safer work environment.

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Company Profile

ProxyVolt Safety Pty Ltd’s chief electrical engineer has been involved in the electronics industry for over 50 years, selling, designing and distributing electronics product both on a domestic and international scale. Since 1994, Proxyvolt has been developing and supplying niche safety product for use within industries such as Mining, GAS LNG, Earthmoving, Civil Construction, Supply Authorities, Agriculture, Government, Pipeline and Aviation. 

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ProxyVolt’s principal product is the state of the art electrostatic power line warning system used for detecting the electrostatic field of any AC high voltage power line, no matter what the current. It provides both audible and visual warnings to alert the operator when part of the plant / equipment comes within the set exclusion zone.

The ProxyVolt Power Line Warning System is available in a number of configurations to suit a host of plant / equipment within various markets and work environments.  has gone to significant lengths to produce a practical, simple in operation, and exceptional quality product. Innovative features include two stage fail safe circuits for antenna and system along with dual pots for adjustment of required distance to power lines.

ProxyVolt can be used with three available antenna styles, including a vertical spring mounted whip, planar and reel configurations. Antennas are custom designed for individual applications and plant / equipment.

ProxyVolt is the "THIRD EYE” that never sleeps or gets distracted.

ProxyVolt is dedicated to "reducing the risk” of potential power line contact. To date, clients such as John Holland, SANTOS, Fulton Hogan and McConnell Dowell have improved and complemented their site safety with the use of ProxyVolt’s Power Line Warning System. 

ProxyEye Driver Fatigue Monitor ProxyVolt at the Gold Coast 600 
ProxyVolt Safety Pty Ltd plans to expand its product range early in 2015 with the introduction of the ProxyEye driver fatigue monitor. ProxyVolt has worked tirelessly over the past year with their overseas manufacturing partner to ready a product to suit their existing domestic and international clients.  
ProxyVolt and affiliated company OLBIS attended the annual GC600 event on the Gold Coast in October. A select group of clients were treated to three great days of V8 racing from one of the best apartments for viewing the race track. 
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