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Proxyvolt PV8-LITE Overhead detection alarm front panel showing controls for gain setting and acknowledge as well as displaying the live signal strength from nearby power lines



A compact power line warning system designed specifically for the tipper trucks providing awareness and reducing the risk of high voltage power line contact.

Proxyvolt one-touch logo



ProxyVolt's innovative "ONE-TOUCH" setting enables operators to easily set an exclusion zone from a power line with the simple touch of a button. 

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PWR LED indicator

The Power status LED displays important information on the voltage of the PV8-LITE system:

  • Green - Voltage status above 12v DC

  • Red - Voltage issue or PWR lost

A power loss alarm will sound for 5 seconds to warn the operator about this event.

Proximity Gauge

The Proximity Gauge displays the proximity of the plant / equipment in relation to a power line once the system has been SET. The proximity gauge is split into green; amber and red sectors to give the operator a visual perspective of their location in relation to the SET exclusion zone from power line. The PV8-PRO will alert the operator both audibly and visually when the Proximity Gauge enters the red zone.

Acknowledge Timer

A single press of this Icon activates the Acknowledge Timer feature. The acknowledge timer enables the PV8-LITE to be placed into Quiet Mode after the system has alerted the operator of a breach of the SET exclusion zone. The visual proximity alarm remains active. The audible alarm will automatically reinstate once the pre-set period has expired. 

Proxyvolt PV8-LITE Overhead detection alarm front panel showing controls for gain setting and acknowledge as well as displaying the live signal strength from nearby power lines

"ONE-TOUCH" Setting

When the SET key is selected the PV8-LITE calculates the distance from a power line and sets the exclusion zone. The SET key will cease to flash GREEN to confirm the proximity from a power line has been calibrated and SET.

System Safeguard LED

The PV8-LITE includes 2 System Safeguards providing the operator assurances with operational integrity. The safeguards are constantly analysing system parameters alerting the operator if the system is compromised. If there is any status change in relation to  System or Antenna  the LED will change colour and a safeguard alarm will be activated.

Proximity Icon

The Event Icon alerts the operator of Proximity & Acknowledge events for the PV8-LITE system. These are displayed via different flashing patterns to notify the operator of important status changes which may occur whilst operating the system. Some alerts are animated and accompanied with an audible tone depending on their importance.


Gain adjustment allows fine tuning of the system gain to increase or decrease the distance of the SET exclusion zone.



The PV8-LITE's Body Up / Alarm Mute feature monitors the tipper body position indicating when the body is raised and eliminating unnecessary alerts when there is no potential for power line contact. 


The PV8-LITE is designed to be utilised with ProxyVolt's whip sensor for simplified power line awareness applications.

ProxyVolt Whip Sensor


The PV8-LITE utilises a keypad membrane designed to provide a high-quality feel with aesthetic appeal. The silicone rubber overlay offers users key functionality with durability in mind.

Further information and pricing is available on ProxyVolt's PV8-LITE Power Line Warning System by contacting

+61 7 3722 6499 or requesting info below.

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